Starting to Worry: Semester in Dialogue

Tomorrow is the big day. At 8:45am, a former classmate, Veronica, will be picking me and another member of our cohort up and we will be heading to The Weaving House in Capilano. I think I’m nervous because this is the first time I’ll be entering an environment that I don’t know anyone and the actual details of the program are fuzzy.  Heading into Langara I had Duncan, now I’ll be going to a new school and am enrolled in a program that operates completely independently within SFU. I will be spending a minimum of 30 hours a week with these 19 other students. I hope they like me; I hope I like them.

I’m stressing out about ridiculous things: what will I wear, what jacket will be best, how do I do my makeup, what if it snows? I bought hummus, olives, and vegetables to bring, but after someone sent an email saying they were making gluten free vegan pizza (yes, you heard that right) I felt like I should have made something. So after looking into the fridge full of random ingredients, I concocted a sundried tomato olive tapanade. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

I hope I’m ready for this. I wish I knew how to turn the calm up and the anxiety down. I also hope I don’t toss and turn all night and keep Duncan awake with my worries (spoiler alert: I probably will.)


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